Dave's Story

With a desire to become an independent, self-made entrepreneur, David started a pressure cleaning business in 2005. What David later realized - with the help of a wise friend named Angus - is that there is no such thing as a self-made man. Thanks must go out to Gary & Scott of Ameritech for keeping his machines running, the great people at Kinko's for helping plan the marketing to bring in business, and the countless homeowners & managers that gave him the opportunity to work. David would also like to thank the great friends who have supported him on his entrepreneurial journey.

David drove an '89 Chevy Caprice Classic that eventually had no reverse or AC. The Caprice was strong enough to tow a small trailer with a couple of pressure cleaners.

“It was an odd site to see. You don't see very many old style cars like the Caprice towing a trailer for work. I remember from time to time I could see my machines bounce up and down in the trailer from the rearview mirror.” - Super Dave

He would leave Bonefish Grill of Safety Harbor at night where he worked as a server and pass out flyers often till 3 am. Eventually, he was able to place an ad in the yellow pages and things began to come out of the woodwork for him. Customers would often say that he did a super job at a super price and, thus, the name Super Dave's Pressure Cleaning was born.

David has done pressure cleaning work all over the state of Florida; from Naples to Sarasota to Port St. Lucie to Pembroke Pines and even up in the Pan Handle. However, and mainly through word of mouth, Dave has plenty of work to keep him busy right here in the Tampa Bay area.